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Manipal Manual of Clinical Methods in Surgery differential Diagnosis and Clinical Discussion

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Manipal Manual of Clinical Methods in Surgery differential Diagnosis and Clinical Discussion is a unique book specially written for both undergraduate and postgraduate medical students to help them achieve distinctively in their clinical examinations.

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Manipal Manual of Clinical Methods in Surgery differential Diagnosis and Clinical Discussion is a unique book specially written for both undergraduate and postgraduate medical students to help them achieve distinctively in their clinical examinations. The limited time-frame available to the undergraduate students makes it necessary for them to be able to read a good, comprehensive clinical book reliably: This manual fully meets just that requirement. The book presents the entire information necessary for undergraduate students in an easy-to-read format which will help the reader in understanding the facts with long-term retention. The frequently given clinical photographs, colour graphics, flowcharts, tables, clinical boxes and algorithms lucidly explain the facts discussed in the text. These will help even the postgraduate students of surgery and practising surgeons.

The highlighting features of the Manual

  1. Covers all clinical cases the students see in the general surgery clinical examination
  2. Includes short and long cases
  3. Colourful illustrations of clinical methods
  4. Clinical discussion about common cases such as how? why? what?
  5. Discusses all aspects of differential diagnosis
  6. Clinical analysis on how to arrive at a diagnosis
  7. Rich inserts like Clinical Case Capsules Clinical Wisdom
  8. Provides key to secrets through clinical boxes
  9. Problem oriented discussions

Additional Information

ISBN 9789387964303
Publishers CBS Publishers & Distributors
Author Rajgopal K Shenoy | Anitha Shenoy
Binding Paperback
Edition 1\e
Size NA
Year 2019
Pages 552
Subject Surgery
About the Author

K Rajgopal Shenoy MBBS MS FRCS (Glasgow)is Professor, Department of Surgery, and ex-Associate Dean, Kasturba Medical College (KMC), and Consultant
Surgeon at the associated KMC Hospital, Manipal. He has had a brilliant undergraduate and postgraduate career with ranks and distinction. Prof Shenoy has been on the faculty of Surgery at KMC, Manipal, since 1986. He stresses on the basics and at the same time makes efforts to teach the students evidence-based medicine. He has been an invited faculty in many CMEs. An acclaimed and a popular teacher, he has received 'good teacher' award in the institution several times. As an undergraduate and postgraduate examiner, he has examined students from many universities for the last 25 years. He is vibrant and innovative, and has a multifaceted personality. A born-leader and loved by his students, colleagues and friends, it is hard to find him alone. He constantly features at all the academic and cultural activities of the institution.
He is author of the popular book Manipal Manual of Surgery which is read by students of over 18 countries in the world.

Anitha Shenoy (Nileshwar) MBBS MD FRCA is Professor and Head, Department of Anaesthesiology, KMC, and Consultant in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care
at the associated KMC Hospital, Manipal. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists, London, UK, and is trained as a cardiothoracic anaesthesiologist. She is a popular postgraduate teacher and well recognised at the state and national level teaching programmes. 

Dr Nileshwar has edited the entire book with tremendous devotion. She is the coauthor of the popular book Manipal Manual of Surgery.

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