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Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Manual for Perioperative Nurses

This book is a guide on congenital heart disease and associated surgical interventions on newborns and children. It is aimed at the pediatric cardiac perioperative nurse explaining and revealing the variety of cardiac defects and complex surgical procedures.

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This book is a guide to the most common and some uncommon congenital heart disease and associated surgical interventions as practiced on newborns and children. It is the result of many years of the author’s clinical practice as a paediatric cardiac perioperative nurse and is designed to explain and reveal both the complex surgical procedures and the nature and variety of cardiac defects.

The text of this edition has been modified and refined through discussions with surgeons, consultant surgeons, anaesthesiologists, perfusionists, medical students, and nurses in the hospitals where she has worked. The research and writing began at the King Faisal Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where she saw intense and complex surgical procedures being performed on infants with such skill and grace that she felt that new or re-skilling nurses in a paediatric context would benefit from seeing and reading about the deployment of such surgical ability.

She began taking notes and photographs, interviewing surgeons, reading operative reports, and the information grew to an informal ‘how to assist’ manual — a way of being an expert paediatric cardiac nurse, able to anticipate the surgeon’s needs through education and understanding. She gradually added more procedures and illustrations and her ‘manual’ was in demand not only by nurses working in the cardiac operating theatres but also by medical students, perfusionists and anaesthesiologists.

This book, a result of research and observations made over many years of assisting in paediatric cardiac operations, aims to make complex surgical procedures more accessible to perioperative nurses and help them become more responsive to the cardiac surgeons and their patients where seconds saved can lead to further chances of life.

This book is dedicated to the surgeons who carry-out these complex and life-saving procedures, without whose expertise, many alive today would never have reached adolescence. However, in view of the ongoing research in congenital heart disease and surgical treatment, approaches of individual cardiac surgeons may vary from the surgical procedures presented in the book.

Additional Information

ISBN 9789386827937
Publishers CBS Publishers & Distributors
Author Edith D Jonkman
Binding Paperback
Edition 1/e
Year 2019
Size NA
Pages 400
Subject Surgery
About the Author

Edith D Jonkman completed her general nursing training in the Netherlands and did further training as a perioperative nurse at Guy’s and then St. Thomas’ Hospital, London, UK, before completing her BSc (Hons) in critical care nursing at King’s College University, London. For five years, she specialized in adult cardiac surgical nursing before moving to the Middle East in 2001 to gain specific experience in paediatric cardiac surgical nursing. She worked first in the paediatric operating theatres at King Faisal Hospital, Jeddah, and then at the King Abdulaziz (National Guard) Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. During her time in the Middle East, she has assisted in over 3,500 paediatric cardiac operations and now, through this book, brings this specialized experience to nurses everywhere so that they may engage fully in this vital life-saving work. This book, through photographs, diagrams and procedural descriptions, will help nurses to better anticipate and assist surgeons during complex cardiac surgery.

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