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ISBN: 9788123916101
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here is dearth of textbooks on botanical pesticides at a time when demand for green pesticides and organic farming is on rise. This book deals with all aspects of major classes of plant pesticides such as natural pyrethrins. nicotinoids. ryanodine. sabadilla. neem (with special reference to azadirachtin and its components). fungicides. nematicides. molluscicides. rodenticides.

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    plant growth regulators. semiochemicals and allelochemicals in ten chapters. Eleventh chapter has been especially devoted for bioassay guided isolation. characterization of the above mentioned botanical pesticides and their new molecules using modern spectroscopic techniques. It also catalogues chemical structures and pesticidal activities of major classes of phytochemicals. and wherever necessary. appropriate information is presented on the topics such as biological activities, toxicology. stereochemistry. resistance. structure-activity relationship. and commercial data. It is hoped that the contents of this book will be useful for the students, teachers. scientists and industrialists alike 1 introduction. 2 insecticides. 3 fungicides. 4 nematicides. 5 rodenticides. 6 molluscicides. 7 plant growth regulators. 8 insect growth regulators. 9 semiochemicals. 10 allelochemicals. 11 methods for isolation. Purification and identification of botanical pesticides.

Additional Information
    Publisher CBS Publishers & Distributors
    Binding Hardcover
    Size 20.3 x 25.4 x 4.7
    Year 2008
    Edition 1st Edition
    Pages 221
    Author R.SINGH
    About the Author

    Dr. Raj P. Singh obtained his M.Sc. degree in Organic Chemistry from Agra University. Agra and completed his Ph.D. degree from Indian Agricultural Research Institute. New Delhi and joined the same institute in the Division of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry in 1966 and later Division of Agricultural Chemicals in 1978. He is now working as Emeritus Scientist after retiring as Prircipal Scientist from the Division of Agricultural Chemicals. IARI. New Delhi. Dr. Singh s main research interest is in chemistry of natural products including essential and fixed oils. At the institute, in the Division of Agricultural Chemicals, he was actively involved for twenty-three years in research and teaching of Botanical Pesticides and guided students of M.Sc. and Ph.D. Dr. Singh has vast experience in natural and synthetic pesticides including isolation, characterization, synthesis and analysis of both phytochemicals and pesticides. He has developed pesticidal potential compounds from several Indian plants of economic importance. He has also synthesised several fatty acid semithiocarbazide fungicides effective against blast disease of rice caused by the fungus Pyricularia ryzea. His contribution to work out glyceride structure studies of several rare oil seeds has been significant. Dr. Singh has published more than 50 original research papers in various national and international journals of repute, some book chapters and also presented research papers in various seminars and symposia. He is winner of M/s Uttam Chand Jam Memorial Silver Medal Award and a certificate of merit for the paper published in Indian Perfumer in 1982, a reputed journal of Essential Oil Association of India.

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