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Engineering Chemistry(Pb-2013)

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ISBN: 9788123907666
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This text book on Engineering chemistry presents in a lucid manner the fundamental aspects of chemistry for engineers. This invaluable model text book is specifically intended for BEIB.Tech institutions in India including the Indian Institutes of Technology.

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    The recent technical trends demand sound understanding of chemistry by all engineering students. Each chapter covers an important aspects related to basic physico-chemical principles involved and practical applications and significance. Chapter 1 focuses on basic concepts of chemistry and chapter 2 familiarises students with water and its treatment with special emphasis on environmental protection. Chapter 3 is devoted to structure of atom and phase equilibria is discussed in chapter 4. Chapter 5 describes the importance and application of solution where as chapter 6 familiarises the students with catalysis. Chapter 7 and 8 focuses on gases liquids and solids: Chapter 9 focuses on chemical bonding followed by chapter 10 which is devoted to kinetics and chemical equilibrium. Chapter 11 and 12 discusses various aspects of electro chemistry and acids and bases. Chapter 13 deals with complex compounds while chapter 14 describes the importance of various aspects of thermodynamics. Chapter 15 focuses on nuclear chemistry based on radium uranium and plutonium and emphasis the importance of protection from radioactive while chapter 16 is devoted to thermochemistry and energetics. Chapter 17 describes the importance of colloids where as chapter 18 is devoted to Stereo-isomerism. Chapter 19 explores explosives and propellants followed by chapter 20 which elaborates on organic reaction mechanism. Noble gases play an important role as these constitute a group in periodic table is the subject of chapter 21 while chapter 22 is devoted to corrosion and its .control. Photochemistry is a science which deals with chemical reaction caused by exposure of reactants to light radiation are discussed in chapter 23. Chapter 24 is devoted to chemical methods of separation and various aspects of analytical chemistry including volumetric and titration aspects are discussed in detail. Chapter 25 covers an important aspects of fuel and combustion while chapter 26 discusses various high polymers like plastics rubbers and elastomers. Chapter 27 is devoted to surface coating industries paints pigments varnishes and lacquers -their preparation properties and uses are also discussed in detail. Chapter 28 is devoted to silicate industry and focuses on ceramic cement and glass. Chapter 29 describes importance of lubrication and lubricants where as chapter 30 is devoted to preparation properties and applications of various adhesives. Chapter 31 discusses manufacture of iron steel and various other ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Finally chapter 32 describes the various aspects of pollution such as air water solid wastes noise and their preventives methods.

Additional Information
    Publisher CBS Publishers & Distributors
    Binding Paperback
    Size 20.3 x 25.4 x 4.7
    Year 2013
    Edition 1st Edition
    Pages 881
    Author S.C. Bhatia
    Subject Chemistry
    About the Author

    S.C. Bhatia

     is a Chemical Engineer with Management qualifications. He has worked in leading petrochemical industries in the production and quality control units with many years of sincere hard work to his credit. A prolific writer and dedicated researcher he found time to author numerous books on chemical and allied subjects such as solvents industrial oils and petrochemicals. His books fruition of painstaking scholarship have been widely acclaimed. Actively associated with plastic and rubber industry he has participated in many seminars related to rubber plastics and environmental sciences. He has specialized in air and water pollution energy conservation rubber plastics and various other petrochemical fields. He is currently a consultant for matters relating to pollution energy conservation which reveals his concern about
    the hazards endangering the environment.

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