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Experimental Soil Microbiology

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ISBN: 9788123914305
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Microorganisms play an important role in soil ecosystem. The activities of soil microbes are very important for plant nutrient transformations and cycling. Some soil microorganisms exert direct effect on plants by forming symbiotic associations within plant roots.

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    The discipline of soil microbiology has expanded rapidly and has connections with other sciences such as microbiology, soil science, agronomy, ecology and environmental sciences. The development of techniques to quantify and study soil microbes and their activities has expanded our understanding of soil processes responsible for plant nutrient cycling within the soilplant system. The present book is a comprehensive compilation of techniques commonly used in the study of soil microbiology and is suitable for both undergraduate as well as postgraduate students of microbiology, soil science, environmental sciences and life sciences. Each exercise includes a short introduction which shall help students understand the underlying basics. Efforts have been made to describe the protocols in a simple manner. The book is expected to provide a stimulus to and meet the requirements of the students of various courses in soil microbiology.1. Soil sampling for microbiological analysis 2. Preparation of media, glassware and sterilization 3. Enumeration of bacteria in soil by dilution plate method 4. Enumeration of actinomycetes in soil by dilution plate method 5. Enumeration of fungi in soil by dilution plate method 6. Determination of Azotobacter population in soil 7. Demonstration of rhizosphere effect 8. Study and enumeration of soil algae 9. Enumeration and isolation of cyanobacteria from soil 10. Total count of soil bacteria by direct microscopic examination 11. Isolation of Azospirillum from cereal roots 12. Isolation of Rhizobium from root nodules 13. Study of nodulation of legumes by rhizobia 14. Determination of nitrogenase activity of root nodules 15. Determination of nitrifier population by most probable number method.

Additional Information
    Publisher CBS Publishers & Distributors
    Binding Paperback
    Size 20 x 14 x 4
    Year 2007
    Edition 1st Edition
    Pages 86
    Author K L Kapoor
    Subject Microbiology
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