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Exploring The Unix System

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ISBN: 9788123921945
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Exploring The Unix System
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    This book proposes to teach you how to use the UNIX system- from typing in basic commands to administrating a small system. The first thing you have to learn is just what an operating system is. After all it doesnt do much good to learn about the UNIX operating system without knowing the meaning of these words. Chapter 2 serves this purpose by introducing you to operating systems and the types of functions they provide. Since one of the most important features of the UNIX system is its file system we decided to devote a separate chapter to it early on. Chapter 3 teaches the organization of the UNIX file system and the method that is used to identify files. Chapter 4 is titled Getting Started and as its names implies teaches you how to get onto the computer perform some simple func- tions and then get off. In Chapter 5 you are shown how to start putting the UNIX system to work for you.Chapter 6 introduces the program that interprets everything you type in at the terminal: the shell. Chapter 7 provides a tutorial introduction to the vi screen editor. Chapter 8 shows the usefulness of the UNIX system in an office environment.Chapter 9 gives an program development. Chapter 10 explainone tampers with your file.In Chapter 11 includes intra as well as inter UNIX system provides many over a network. The last chapterowners and administrators.
Additional Information
    Publisher CBS Publishers & Distributors
    Year 1987
    Edition 1\e
    Pages 371
    Author Kochan
    Subject Computer & Information Technology
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