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Fundamental Laws Of Mechanics (Pb)

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ISBN: 9788123903040
Table of Content

undamental Laws Of Mechanics outlines the laws of mechanics that lie at the heart of physics. It introduces the readers to the laws of motion and of energy and momentum conservation. It also shows students how these concepts are to be used when solving different problems. The minor details have not been included in the text. The focus has instead been laid on concepts and problems that are more challenging to comprehend.

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    The book has been categorized into two parts. Classical Mechanics contains the description of the laws of motion in the Newtonian context, i.e., when the speeds involved in the problem are much lesser than the speed of light. The second part, Relativistic Mechanics, considers those concepts and problems that get left out because of the Newtonian approximation. Here, the subject matter involves speeds that are comparable to the speed of light.

    The chapters in Fundamental Laws Of Mechanics open with an essay. A most interesting and instructive set of problems and questions, with solutions, then follow. Nearly 80 problems are provided. They form an important part of the text, as they’re closely associated with, and supplement, the subject matter in the textbook.

    A few refinements and corrections have been made in this text to impress upon the students the essence of the problems being discussed and studied, especially in the areas of conservation laws and Newton’s 2nd law of motion. New problems and examples have been also been added in this edition.

Additional Information
    Publisher CBS Publishers & Distributors
    Binding Paperback
    Size 5.5”×8.5”
    Year 2004
    Edition 1st Edition
    Pages 272
    Author I. E Irodov
    Subject AIEEE, Joint Entrance & Competitive Examinations
    About the Author

    E. Irodov is a world famous Soviet Russian physicist. Two other important physics based books that formed the basis of modern physics textbooks are Problems in General Physics and Basic Laws of Electromagnetism. He served in the military during the second World War and he later went to the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, after which, until his death, he taught physics. Some of the medals he won in his lifetime are the Red Star for bravery during the war and Military merits badges.

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