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Prakash’s Notebook of Microbiology, including Parasitology and Entomology for Undergraduate Students and PG Aspirants

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ISBN: 9789388725606
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This book on microbiology includes theory, practical, journal preparation, MCQs for pre-PG preparation, parasitology and entomology in one book like “ ALL in One”, organized in proper manner like notes, hence the title prefix as Notebook

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Product Description


    Key features

    1. Written in simple and concise manner and point wise presentation
    2. Every chapter begins with “Learning headings & Subheadings”
    3. Both theory and practical covered in 109 chapters as per the modern trend of medical education.

    Six new chapters added:

    1. Miscellaneous topics
    2. Medical Entomology
    3. Oncogenic microbes
    4. Bioterrorism
    5. Microbiology of water, milk and air
    6. Image based MCQs

    • Clinical pictures of infectious diseases incorporated in each chapter

    • Mnemonics helps to memorize the facts difficult to remember

    • Question Bank provided at the end of each chapter includes:

    1. Case studies
    2. Essay/ Full Question
    3. Short notes
    4. Short questions for theory/viva questions
    5. Mcqs for chapter review

    • Recent advances covers topics like swine flu, bird flu, CCHF, Zika virus, Ebola virus, dengue virus, chikungunya virus, Chandipura virus, Nipah virus, SARS-COV, MERS-COV,PCR, vaccines, etc.

    • Total 2065 MCQs (chapter-wise, system-wise and image-based) from different competitive exams like AI, AIIMS, PGI and state level are covered with answers and explanations.

    • Clinical microbiology included which is useful as laboratory manual for routine laboratory testing like Gram stain, ZN stain, Widal test, VDRL test, etc.

    • Lots of flowcharts (including all parasitic life cycle), tables, help in quick revision to score high in exams

    • Color codes are used to minimize the use of color marker or color pen/pencil.

    • Eye-catching words are highlighted in purple color to refresh reader's memory quickly at the time of exams

    • Multi-subject approach covers topics which are common between microbiology and other subjects like pathology (ARF, Coomb's test, phagocytosis, etc.), community medicine (communicable diseases, vaccines, etc.), ophthalmology (trachoma, etc.), ENT (otomycosis) and many more.

    • Green, sky blue, red and black arrows are given to present various parasitic life cycles on humans

    Special Features:

    1. The book begins with the chapter on Introduction and history of Microbiology with Scientist and their role in the subject
    2. Every chapter begins with “Learning headings & Subheadings”.
    3. The book includes around 2065 MCqs with explanations
    4. No need to buy separate book for parasitology and entomology

    The book is: :

    1. A Must for every undergraduate medical students & teachers
    2. Helpful for postgraduate students as a comprehensive manual
Additional Information
    Publisher CBS Publishers & Distributors
    Binding Paperback
    Size 8.5x11
    Year 2020
    Edition 3rd Edition
    Pages 1128
    Author Prakash Modi
    Subject Microbiology Medical
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