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About the Company

CBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd. (CBS Publishers & Distributors ) set up in 1973, initially at NaiSarak in Old Delhi. CBS Publishers & Distributors has witnessed phenomenal growth during 70s and 80s. In 1990, it shifted its operations to Daryaganj, New Delhi, a hub of book publishing and book distribution in New Delhi.

To penetrate the market and to cater to the need of the book trade, educational and research institutions as well as the growing number of students in India, CBS Publishers & Distributors opened its branch offices in Bengaluru, Chennai, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. Forthcoming branches are Ahmedabad & Hyderabad and our residential representative are based at Hyderabad, Nagpur, Patna and Vijayawada.


Varun Exports, another sister concern of CBS Publishers & Distributors, was set up in 1993 with a view to expand market of CBS Publishers & Distributors’s publications in the overseas market and to cater to the need of students, scholars, Indian community, educational and research institutions in various countries. It has its offices at 204, F.I.E., Industrial Area, Patparganj, New Delhi. The organization is now exporting books even to the remotest corners of the world by offering a wide range of publications.


The exceptional growth of CBS Publishers & Distributors can be attributed to the dedication of its management and team of senior and junior staff. Its team of editors, production specialists, and marketing executives, with innovative techniques and ideas, has set a high standard and ambitious goal for the organization.


CBS Publishers & Distributors has also diversified itself into Distribution of Online / Digital Content of its Publishing Partners from all over the world and Publishing of its own Digital / eBooks, for which, created a new entity called “EduPort Global” in year 2014. A dedicated sales force of 6 online sales experts is already in the market and plan is to expand it to 12 by Dec 2015.


To carter two highly growing segments (PG Entrance & Nursing), we have develop separate dedicated team of 25 personnelat Pan India to provide more focus services and achieved desired growth.


The management is now poised to import what best is available in the world make it accessible to the students, scholars, intellectuals, educational and research institutions at the prices which they can afford, either by reprinting all such publications in India at much lower prices, or ordering them in bulk. CBS Publishers & Distributors ’s publishing programs are quite ambitious. Books, written by qualified and experienced professionals are being worked out and will be produced as per international standard, using the innovative means of production. Similarly, the better marketing approach and distribution channels, both within and outside the country, have been contemplated to make the imported and indigenous publications accessible to the readers and buyers located at the remotest corners of the country and the world.


In the beginning, CBS Publishers & Distributors started import of books, mainly from the British and American publishers, but now it has expanded worldwide, to cater to the growing need of educational and research institutions in the country. The import comprised academic books, textbooks and reference books in humanities, social sciences, pure and applied sciences, engineering & technology, medical sciences as well as children’s encyclopedias.


CBS Publishers & Distributors has blossomed into India’s leading publishing-cum-book distribution organization. Its list has over 2000 original titles and 700 reprints. These authoritative books are written in simple language and meet the requirements of students at all levels.


Written by authors with scholarly background and professional excellence, CBS Publishers & Distributors ’s books, priced moderately, yet produced as per international standard, are preferred in India and other countries.


CBS Publishers & Distributors has also brought out books of several overseas authors from South Pacific countries. Produced as per international standard with scintillating covers, these books reflect creative publishing and CBS Publishers & Distributors ’s professional standard in book publishing.