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Ackley & Ladwig's Guide to Nursing Diagnosis

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ISBN: 9780323812719
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Use this pocket-sized guide to make nursing diagnoses and formulate care plans! Ackley and Ladwig's Guide to Nursing Diagnosis, 7th Edition provides quick access to more than 1300 specific client symptoms and a logical, step-by-step guide to care planning. A condensed version of Ackley and Ladwig's Nursing Diagnosis Handbook, this guide is updated with the 2021-2023 NANDA-I approved nursing diagnoses. Care plans are suggested for each diagnosis, including interventions, desired outcomes, and patient teaching. From nursing educators Marina Reyna Martinez-Kratz and Mary Beth Flynn Makic, this reference is ideal for use in in class, clinicals, or at the bedside! Section I: Guide to Nursing Diagnoses includes an alphabetical listing of client symptoms, client problems, medical diagnoses, psychosocial diagnoses, and clinical states,

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    along with suggested 2021-2023 NANDA-I® approved nursing diagnoses, allowing you to evaluate and select an appropriate diagnosis for the client. Section II: Guide to Planning Care includes care plans for all 2021-2023 NANDA-I approved nursing diagnoses, including evidence-based, independent, collaborative, geriatric, pediatric, home care, and culturally competent interventions, as well as client/family teaching and discharge planning. Pocket-size portability makes this book easy to carry and use in in class, clinicals, or at the bedside. Alphabetical thumb tabs provide quick access to specific symptoms and nursing diagnoses. Index of NANDA-I Diagnoses is included on the inside front and back covers. NEW and UNIQUE! 2021-2023 NANDA-I® approved nursing diagnoses are updated with new and revised diagnoses. NEW! Updated nursing diagnoses include class and domain information consistent with the current NANDA-I.

Additional Information
    Publisher Elsevier Publishing
    Binding Paperback
    Size 19.69 x 3.81 x 19.05
    Year 2022
    Edition 7th Edition
    Pages 976
    Author Marina Reyna Martinez-Kratz MS RN CNE , Mary Beth Flynn Makic ,
    About the Author

    Mary Beth Flynn Makic (NOTE: Makic is pronounced "MOCK-itch”) has more than 30 years of critical care experience in research, evidence-based practice, and clinical education. She is a Professor at the University of Colorado College of Nursing and Program Director for the Adult-Gerontology Clinical Nurse Specialist graduate program. She is also a Research Scientist at a Level I trauma center in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Makic achieved her BSN from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin. She completed her Masters of Science at the University of Maryland at Baltimore with a focus on trauma patient populations and the advanced practice role of a Clinical Nurse Specialist. Her PhD was conferred in 2007 by the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver, Colorado. She is active locally and nationally in several professional organizations. She recently served on the Board of Directors for the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses. She also serves on the editorial board of several critical care journals, has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals, and is a successor co-author of two Elsevier books on nursing diagnosis. Dr. Makic is well known for her passion for improving patient outcomes and nursing practice through evidence-based practice.

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