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Experimental Plant Ecology

Experimental Plant Ecology
Table of Content
ISBN: 9788123906195

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    Introduction to Plant Biochemistry has had to be a new and much longer book. The original aim however has remained the same: to provide for students who have already studied general biochemistry for one year a thorough and rigorous voyage through the major fields of plant biochemistry. The only chapter which stands largely unchanged is the first in which the philosophy of our approach is outlined. Chapter 2 is now confined to bioenergetics; the section on enzyme kinetics which was present in this chapter in the first edition has been omitted. Two characteristics of the text should be emphasized; firstly where appropriate if sufficient information is available the metabolic activities of plants have been compared with those of animals or bacteria. Secondly the number of summarizing diagrams has been increased so as to provide a birds eye view of the details being considered in the text. Two appendices are included: one explaining the intricacies of the Cahn-Ingold-Prelog nomenclature which is now widely used to specify absolute configuration at chiral centres; the second gives a comprehensive list of units and dimensions based on the SI unit system.
Additional Information
    Publisher CBS Publishers & Distributors
    Year 2004
    Edition 1\e
    Pages 156
    Author Kapur P & Govil S. R
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